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Dear Scholars, Academicians, Readers... It is a great pleasure to start PUNE RESEARCH An International Journal in English.  I would like to welcome you all viewers to visit PUNE RESEARCH Journal website. PUNE RESEARCH Journal is an open access journal available for all viewers, contributors, readers. PUNE RESEARCH Journal published online bimonthly. The Journal discusses the academic, scientific issues related to diverse subjects of English across the Globe. As a editor I would also like to begin by extending my particular thanks to Scholars, Academicians, Readers, Contributors every corner of the Globe to provide their moral support consistently every stage of PUNE RESEARCH Journal's development.  I would like to thank you especially contributors for making the effort to fruitful. The Journal's really want to take up Academicians, Readers, Contributors visions to generate the research related skills and qualities and this is the ultimate and concrete aim of the PUNE RESEARCH Journal. I wish all to stimulate your discussions, innovations and educational practices though PUNE RESEARCH Journal.


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